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Sting Bowl XX

First of all, thanks to the other 6 guys who braved the elements to join me for Sting Bowl XX. It was the lowest turn-out we’ve had in 20 years and probably one of the worst weather days we’ve had too. There were several cancellations due to “illness” (you know who you are) and JR had a self-inflicted head wound, complete with whiplash and a concussion, to avoid coming out!







When we finally got started, we decided to play 3 v 3 with Bobby on all-time offense (back issues). And we decided to play 1st team to 10 TD’s wins. The regular field was totally under water, so we played in the baseball outfield over towards the school. The rain had let up by start time so we were all optimistic that the sun would come out and we’d stay dry! Ha ha!


The teams ended up being Dave G, Duane and Marc vs Gary, Gibby and Duane’s son Dorian. On the very first play of the day we had our first old v old match-up as Marc’s cleat snagged Gary’s shoelace, everyone heard a loud “pop”, and Gary & Marc both went down. Bobby had already dialed 9-1 before we realized it was just Gary’s shoelace breaking! I think everyone had a touchdown or 2 on the day. Marc’s Misfits got two early stops and were able to take a 2 TD lead into halftime. Gary’s Grunts got a late stop to pull within 1, but were unable to hold off the Misfits and lost 10-8. To make things interesting we rotated everyone through the QB position, which worked out well. Of course, it started pouring before halftime and we were all soaked by the end!


The MVP award could’ve gone to several people (OK, mainly Dave G), but it was given to Duane for a solid performance throughout the game and one Barry Sanders-esque catch and run that amazed the crowd. Congrats Duane!

Postgame was held at The Flyin Pig after everyone changed clothes in the parking lot. Many beers were had, along with wings and jalapeno poppers. We were all just about ready to leave when Gibby fell off of his barstool. Somehow, that prompted one more round…

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