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Sting Bowl XIX – Team JR Beats Down Team Segaar

Front Row (L to R): Bobby Lindsey, Dave Guarnieri, Marc Dixon, Jake Servinsky, Chris Segaar, Sean Samuel
Back Row: Rob Segaar, Chris Michener, Ricky Ward, JR Fox, Sal, Patrick Crouse, Gary Rule
Not Pictured: Jim Thomas

Jan 12, 2013 – Fourteen players took the field for Sting Bowl XIX. We decided to play 7v7 in honor of summer league, setting up an 80 yard field. The first half was surprisingly close with Team JR taking a 1 TD lead into halftime. However, as the 2nd half progressed, JR & Co started to take control of the game. I think the final was 8-5 or something like that (I was on the losing team and stopped counting after a while).

The highlight of the day was when the semi-pro coach (and we realized calling¬†his team semi-pro was quite a compliment after watching them practice for a while)¬†who was holding practice at 3 PM came over to tell us that he was looking for punters and kickers. The sad part was how we all hid our beers and starting milling around like 5-0 was busting Sting Bowl! Anyway – after we realized we weren’t being busted – I think all the kick-offs and punts in the 2nd half were booming kicks – the spirals turned over, airplanes had to re-route, birds were killed! It was impressive! Unfortunately, no one (Segaar) got an offer – it was probably due to the pile of empty beer cans littering the bench area!

The MVP was Bobby “Bouche” Lindsey who threw touchdown after touchdown against Segaar’s defense (we used a variation of the Tampa-2, called the Swiss Cheese – because there were so many holes in it – ha ha ha!) Designated Rusher (yeah that was Old Man Dixon) chased Bobby all day and still couldn’t catch him even after Bobby pulled a hammy. I think he was using a 3-step drop and timing patterns…

And for the record – the weather was cloudy and mid-50’s – can’t ask for better in January!

The Champions –

And the Losers –


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