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Sting Bowl XVIII

Front Row (L to R): Roderick Tucker, Bobby Lindsey, Glen Klesat, JR Fox, Sean Samuel, John Gibson, Dave Guarnieri, Jake Servensky
Back Row: Ricky’s Cousin, Ricky Ward (MVP), Sal, Chad Porter, Marc Dixon, Chris Michener, Ricky Talman, Chris Segaar, Butters, Chris Fey

Eighteen of Metro’s finest braved the elements on 1/21/12 to battle for the legendary Sting Bowl trophy. In the end Team Segaar walked away champions and Ricky Ward (founder of durt FC) claimed the MVP trophy. The rain stopped before kickoff, but it was very muddy and cold (low 40’s).

First Place – Team Segaar

(L to R): Gibby, Seegs, Jake and Ricky 

Second Place – Team Guarnieri

Marc, Butters, Chad and Dave

Third Place – Team Foxy

JR, Chris, Sean and Ricky

Last Place – Team Bobby Bouche

Michener, Sal, Bobby, Glen and Roderick

Random Notes: Roderick travelled back from Charlotte to keep his Sting Bowl streak alive…  And Josh Lenzini made a suprise appearance, driving up from Va Beach to watch (torn meniscus). We hadn’t seen Josh since Sting Bowl X. The army sent him to Europe after that…  Ricky and Seegs tested the limits of the Sting Bowl “No running plays” rule by doing some one yard pass and lateral back to Seegs (total BS). Apparently it worked against Team Foxy because JR stopped all action with 5 minutes of protests. When Team Segaar tried it in the championship it was good for about a yard so we let the play stand…  Chad’s buddy, Butters, made a strong push for the MVP trophy, making plays all over the field and sacrificing himself numerous times…  There was a fair amount of discussion about making Dave G the MVP every year now – just so he’d be stuck with the trophy forever!


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